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Remote Support




We are introducing a new way to log on to our

environment. From now on you will need a mobile

phone where to we will send a SMS with a passcode.


You begin with typing your normal username and

password. Then you wait for the SMS. Type in the

passcode and you now have access to our system.


If we don’t have information about your mobile

number, obviously we are not able to send the

sms anywhere. So please send the information to us.


























IT Department  |  it@wrist.com  |  Tel.: +45 99 31 85 99



If you are not to able use Citrix Login please let us know. Send a mail to it@wrist.com with your username and mobile number. If the number is private, please inform us about that. Then it will not be visible anywhere.

The old login will be expected to close 1. April 2015